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I'm not kidding when I tell you I literally just finally installed my own Jonny Glow a week and a half ago. It all started when my light bulb burned out in my bathroom and I went to change the light bulb and found out that the old bulb was corroded to the light socket so I can't change the bulb. It was either pee in the dark, or... well, you know the ending! Thanks Jonny Glow!

Tim Anderson
New York, NY

I think your product is a great gift for anyone with a prostate gland, especially one that's acting up. I think it will be a great Holiday present for many of my older male friends.

Gerald Rehert, M.D.
Atlanta, GA

... I thought it was such a cool and clever site, and product, that I had to order enough to give to my whole family at Christmas. I especially like the song... I'm planning to dowload it and play the song when I hand out the gifts...

Aaron Blosser
Milton, WA

Then, as desperation set in, I spotted in the distance an ethereal, seraphic glow. Then I realized it was an even more heavenly sight -- the gentle shine of Jonny Glow beckoning me, as a light house to a storm tossed sailor!

Morton Heidbecker
St. Louis, MO

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